What Are Your Investment Objectives?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

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The word investment is a very vast term. It encompasses hundreds of different securities, methodologies, and avenues. From something as conservative as minimal-risk government security to real estate in the most expensive neighborhood, the investment channels are endless.

Please note that you can’t walk out of your house and pitch in your money at whatever comes your way. Your investment decisions should be well informed and in line with your financial goals. time horizon and risk tolerance


In this post, we will be exploring some of the most common investment objectives that individuals and businesses seek. Here is a list:

Capital appreciation

Capital appreciation refers to an increase in an asset’s selling price over a long time. Such investments go on for years and don’t necessarily promise a steady monthly income. If you want a consistent stream of funds to keep you going, this objective isn’t for you. Market value is a very important factor when it comes to capital appreciation. Some of the most common examples of this investment type are stocks, real estate, long term bonds, precious metals like gold and silver, and investing in a business. Capital investment is also commonly an investment objective of mutual funds. Also, capital appreciation securities are considered far riskier as compared to the same for capital preservation and income generation.

Income generation

This is one of the most common investment objectives that most individuals opt for. The individuals who invest with this objective don’t wish for any long-term benefits. Instead, they want to receive a fixed amount of interest income every few months. Most people who are approaching their retirement years have this objective this month since they are looking for alternate ways to support their lifestyle once their job is over. Common examples are bonds and dividend stocks. When looking for the right company to invest in, investors don’t pay any attention to the share price. They’re more focused on how much dividend is expected each month.

Capital Preservation

This is a rather conservative investment objective where the investor is more focused on minimizing the loss as far as the value of the investment is concerned. Capital preservation refers to investing in a project that is expected to preserve its value over the years. Just as the name suggests, investors with this objective choose to invest in safe securities like certificates of deposits and government treasury bills or bonds.

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