How Many People Invest in the Stock Market?

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According to Pew Research, more than half the U.S. families invest in the stock market directly or indirectly.

How many U.S. families invest in the stock market?

The stock market investment varies according to demographic groups and is directly proportional to the median household income. Nearly 88% of families with annual income above $100,000 invested in the stock market.

This is not surprising. But even among those with annual family incomes of less than $35,000, nearly 20% have assets in the stock market.

Here are the main reasons that you should invest in the stock market:

  1. Easy to invest: all you need is a brokerage account. You can invest using any online trading platform, on your own!. You will also need proper education to learn a consistently winning strategy.

  2. Liquidity: Liquidity means ability to dissolve your investments when you want. Stock investment can be closed within a few seconds if you need your funds back.

  3. Low-cost: Stock investments are almost commission-free now, unlike mutual funds where you have to pay the management fees.

  4. Dividents: Stocks can provide scheduled, passive income stream when you invest in dividend stocks

  5. High growth rate: If you are looking for capital growth, where good risk management strategies can be applied, the stock market beats any other investment vehicle

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