Personalized Investment Planning to Meet Your Financial Goals



  • Equity Market:

    • Stocks

    • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs),

    • Mutual Funds 

    • Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)

  • Fixed Income Securities:

    • Bonds 

    • CDs

  • Cash/Cash Equivalents:

    • Money Market Funds

    • and many more...



Earning money is not enough in today's day and age. Unless you invest wisely, the value of your money will decrease with time. We understand that every investor is unique and has distinctive financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon towards financial independence. Therefore, each portfolio is personalized and managed to meet the client's financial demands.

Over the past decade or so the investing world has transformed. Apart from traditional S&P500 Index Funds, a variety of investment vehicles have become available for investors such as, MicroCaps, Frontier Markets, Robotics, and AI, 5G technology, 2X-3X Leveraged Funds, just to name a few. Due to technological advances, hi-tech trading platforms are offered by brokers and custodians. Investing has become cost-effective and sophisticated at the same time. Stocks and ETFs investing is commission-free by many brokers. However, a busy work-life balance has made investors dedicate less time to manage their investments.​ Rather than finding any 'financial advisor near me', clients need an investment advisor, who can make this knowledge work in real life.  

Guiding principles: 

We cannot predict the future. Similarly, no one knows what the market or any particular investment will do in the future. But we follow certain principals and strategies to guide our investment foresight: 

  1. Blending fundamental, technical, and chart analysis is the cornerstone to predict future price movements with a high degree of probability

  2. Follow the trend: We know how to invest regardless of market conditions. 'Buy-and-hold' may not be the best strategy in today's economic environment. Rather, 'buy-manage-and-sell at the right time' is critical. Buying can be profitable in an up-trending market, but we recognize the value of selling (Short-selling) in a down-trending market.

  3. Timing is everything. Strategies for short-term investments are different than long-term investments. Both can be profitable. 

  4. Robust risk-limiting strategies to limit unacceptable losses. 

  5. Being mindful of inflation and declining value of money over time

  6. Diversification of assets can reduce risk. Asset allocation among a variety of investment vehicles can have a significant impact on your returns.

  7. Choosing assets with lower cost

  8. Understanding tax implications and minimizing tax on investments 

  9. Investing should be based on science, rather than our gut feeling, emotions, or hope. 

  10. Happy investing: clients should not lose sleep over it. 

Investment vehicles utilized: We focus on highly liquid assets classes such as Stocks, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF), Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Mutual Funds, and Bonds. Liquidity (ease of opening and closing a position) makes assets readily available to clients when they need it. We do NOT use high-risk and leveraged asset classes such as options, Forex, and futures.







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