Analysing the Numbers




As an independent registered investment adviser, we provide fee-only advisory services. Unlike an institutional financial advisor, there are no hidden costs, commissions, trading charges, or referral fees on our part. Our changes are directly tied to your portfolio success. Charges are only for investment advice and management. The fee schedule is listed in the table below.

Wall Street

Ongoing Account Management 


Fees are charged at an annual rate of 1% of the assets under management (AUM): divided into quarterly​ payments (0.25%)

There is no account minimum

Minimum fee: $250/quarter

As needed consultation


For clients who want one-time or as-needed advice (such as portfolio design, analysis, or 401K review, etc.), rather than ongoing active account management. 



Other costs

We use Charles Schwab as an independent custodian to hold the client's funds. There are no trading fees for stocks and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), However, some mutual funds have small transaction charges per trade as each fund charges an expense ratio. This is how fund companies and custodians are paid.  You will incur these fees regardless of who is managing your portfolio and out of the adviser's control.  We keep these fees in mind while designing your portfolio. We try to minimize these costs in the execution and management going forward. Some of the client's accounts [like 401(k) / 403(b) plans] may be held at an outside custodian. Because we do not have trading authority on those accounts.  Clients, with our instruction, will need to place trades themselves.


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