Empowering Knowledge to Achieve Financial Freedom

Trade Any Asset Class in Any Market Condition!

The financial markets offer unlimited opportunities for short-term income, as well as long-term wealth generation. However, only the investors with specific knowledge are successful. Without a strategy, changes of success or failure are almost 50%, similar to the flip of a coin. Our course offers you strategies that can highly increase the chances of your success.

Who can join?

Beginners as well as professionals

Long-term Investors as well as short-term traders

Bulls (buyers) as well as Bears (short-sellers)

Day Trading

Penny Stocks

Swing Trading


Long Term Wealth


Dividend Trading

ETFs and REITs

Two Weekend Sessions | Live Webinar (not pre-recorded) or In-Person Teaching


  • Build a strong foundation of trading and investment concepts

  • Teach our proprietary T4 trading strategy

  • How to screen for the best opportunities

  • Understand how to take profits at the right time

  • Implement sound risk-limiting strategies to minimize loss

  • How to avoid the market traps (the media and the news)

  • Develop a trading routine, discipline, and right mindset


(4-6 hrs)

Learn the fundamentals necessary to understand the strategy

Course outline:

  • Understanding your “WHY”

  • Trading vs. investment

  • Financial markets

  • Investment styles

  • Analytical methods

  • Trading psychology

  • Trading and investment risks

  • Risk-limiting strategies

  • Brokerage accounts

  • Electronic trading platform

  • Price charts

  • How and why does price move

  • Trend

  • Turn

  • Time

  • Order types

  • Opening a free practice account

  • Practicing charts on a live trading platform


(4-6 hrs)

Mastering our proprietary T4 Strategy

Course outline:

  • Revising fundamental concepts

    • Supply and demand in the markets

    • Candlestick chart dynamics

    • Time​

    • Trend

    • Turn

    • Trade

  • Stocks and ETFs screening criteria

  • Detailed components of our strategy

    • Step-by-step guidance with illustrations

    • Proprietary Trend and Trade Decision Matrix (combining core principles)

    • Entry and exit: how and when

    • Reward vs. Risk

    • How to manage trade

    • How to achieve a risk-free trade

    • How to avoid news and media traps

    • Practicing the strategy

      • Setting up a FREE practice account

      • Hands-on training

      • Placing trades in a practice account