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More than 90% of investors and traders fail to achieve success due to a lack of a proven strategy, following the fake media/news, and making emotional decisions with gut feelings rather than critical data that truly matters. When you have a consistently winning strategy, it does not matter what the markets are doing, and then, selling (short selling) becomes as profitable as buying. Because it's not 'how' to invest, but 'when' to invest, which is what makes the difference between winning and losing. 'Time' is everything!

Invest Regardless of Market Conditions and As Per Your Availability

Dear Traders and Investors,

As a physician turned investment consultant, I understand the value of hard-earned money, its preservation, and its growth! I have been a professional trader since 2016 and completed the investment adviser law examination (Series 65) to become a licensed, registered investment adviser.

I strongly believe that 'hope' is NOT a strategy, and, in fact, success has to be timed! I am singularly focused on one goal: finding high-quality investment opportunities with low, pre-determined risk and achieving high rewards! Our proprietary 'T4 Strategy' for online trading and investment blends the fundamental, technical, and price chart analysis. The strategy can be applied to any timeline, depending on your preference (short-term trading or long-term investing). All you need is the willingness to learn and the passion to make money.

Sachin Kunde


Investment Consultant and Professional Trader